Friday 3 December 2010

Slapstik moments

... or just being moronic!

Yesterday I had the best giggle in a long time, one of those tear-jerking, tummy aching, red nose giggles which flare up over and over again: Detlef slapped face cream on, forgetting that he is wearing glasses.

Yes! My husband is a well groomed one; he uses cream, but that is not the point. The poor thing must be really ready for a break, given that he is wearing glasses for more than a decade. Additionally his dactyl fine motor skills seem to be severely lacking, he almost broke the glasses and now has a bruise in the middle of his nose. It was hilarious! He was upset and I was rolling on the bed filled with glee.

Today was payback time, though. I am sitting here with one hand in a cotton glove. I considered it a good idea to hold on to the sole of a hot iron. The lid for the water container wouldn't open and I thought a bit of leverage would be nice. It was one of those moments when one knows that something about this idea is not quite right, but the brain is just too slow to be able to - literally - put the finger on it, three fingers to be precise. And then everything happens in slow motion. Oh yes, THAT is what is wrong,...  yep, that's it ... NOW would be the time to let go...

Argh, three big blisters shall be my penance for the giggling. Still can't help it, though... hehehe!

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